As the saying goes “weak men create hard times” and that seems to be what we are seeing today. The first and second amendments are under attack on a daily basis. History has shown over and over again how people become complacent, and governments deteriorate from the inside out.

We also cover how advances in technology are always a double edged sword, and how technology is advancing faster than anytime in history because of computing and the internet.

Prepping Website of the Week

In the beginning of the show we talked about the great prepping website Next Step Survival. Brian has a great video on his food storage setup that will make you drool, and another one on his EDC setup.

If you have a favorite prepping website you would like us to add to this list, let us know? We also have a list of our favorite prepping websites here.

Topics From This Weeks Show…

  • Covid News
  • History of the Internet
  • Will we be able to control super-intelligent machines?
  • The evolution of drone technology
  • Freedom of Speech
  • HR127

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