Today in the show Brian and dale talk to filmmaker Michael Lees. In his documentary Uncivilized, Michael Lees chronicles his journey as he survives deadly Category 5 Hurricane Maria in a bamboo hut in the forest on the island of Dominica.

He went into the forest with some basic survival gear, a few books, a camera, and a burning desire to answer the question: “What makes a good life? “Halfway into his quest, unexpected Hurricane Maria devastated the island and changed the environment drastically.

After returning home and living without power, running water, and internet for 3 months, he eventually uncovered much more than the answer he had initially been searching for.

The major themes of the film include survival, spirituality, minimalism, adversity, climate change, man vs. nature, and questioning the ideas of development and progress, to name a few.

Links From the Show…

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