Just 20 years ago cyber security was something we only heard about in sci-fi movies. With all the advancements in technology cyber security is becoming one of the most important aspects of our everyday lives.

Just about everything we do these days involves the internet in one way or another. The way we communicate, the way we bank and how we purchase are all 1’s and 0’s traveling through the ether.

Today in part 2 of our interview with Kevin Reiter we finished everything off by talking about managing our online footprint. In part 1 we talked about bug out vehicles and wilderness medicine, and you can listen to that show here.

Topics From This week’s Show…

  • Simple Ways to Avoid Being Hacked and Tracked
  • Email Spam & Scams
  • Quantum Computing
  • The Dark Web
  • TOR and Virtual VPN’s

Links From the Show…




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